New Year New You - Guaranteed Results bootcamp in Brighton & Hove


Are you sick tired of feeling like this?

- Slow
- Tired
- Overweight
- Under performing
- Low libido?
- Not sleeping well
- Stressed out?

Everyday I hear people complaining about how hard life feels, with a list of ailments and stresses.
My clients come from all walks of life and almost ever single one has a complaint about themselves.

In this post I have the answer for you:

You are what you eat (corny I know!)

But it really is this simple!

You know those days were you're firing on all cylinders, conversation is flowing without effort, waking is easy, sleeping is great, exercise and movement is effortless?

You know why? Because your body and mind are in tune.

The base factor is what you consume.

Everything we do, eat and drink has an impact on how we feel and how well we achieve our goals.

Research has well documented that if you follow these guidelines you'll be a much better you

  1. Drink 2- 3 litres of water a day

  2. Avoid Processed foods

  3. Avoid Dairy containing products

  4. Avoid Wheat containing products

  5. Avoid alcohol

  6. Avoid Sugar

  7. Avoid Caffeine

  8. Sleep 6-8 hours a day

  9. Participate in some kind of exercises every day.If you want to feel happy, make life easier and achieve the life goals you want you must follow the above rules.

Seriously- try it for 25 days! What do you have to lose?
Stop taking pills and meds to cover up the real reason for the problems you have and make the above changes instead.
No fancy pills, No fancy drugs, no faddy exercise equipment.

Just do it!

This may sound simple in concept, but without the correct information and a support programme this is hard to do on your own. Which is why I established the Immunity Programme nine years ago.
The Immunity Programme, starting on Sat 13th January uses the above rules to make changes to your body-shape and well-being with the support of a group and me!

Take control of your life and how you feel - NOW!

Knowing what to do and what to eat is a mine- field.

So we've put together an easy to follow programme combining our cleansing detox eating plan, with all meal plans aid out Mon- Sun, alongside our fun Brighton Kettlebell classes.Immunity is Brighton & Hove’s only guaranteed wellbeing programme.

If you’re not happy with your results after 25 days, you can have your money back.


Don't make excuses about holidays soon, people's birthdays, too many social events, sunny weekends coming up.... these are the reasons we are held back!

Online Distance Programme

Can't attend all the classes?
Live too far from Brighton & Hove?

You can have the full programme delivered by e-mail, with full e-mail and phone support!

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