New Year New You - Guaranteed Results bootcamp in Brighton & Hove



  • 1. Drink at least 3 litres of water (ideally distilled) per day.

    Water flushes out toxins in the body, keeps you feeling full for longer and improves many aspects of the the body's functions including concentration, athletic performance and organ health. Keep a 2 litre bottle close to you at work and home so you can gauge how much you've drunk. I often see clients lose weight by doing this alone!

  • 2. Drop all Wheat containing food from your diet.

    We do this as part of the Immunity programme! Wheat behaves much like a poison in the body, and most people do not tolerate it well. Not only does it cause bloating and water retention, it makes you feel tired too.

  • 3. Avoid all Sugar!

    Sugar is present in a lot of food we eat, some is hidden! Start reading food labels, including sauces and "diet" foods and you'll see Sugar listed in there. Sugar causes a spike in Insulin and is easily stored as bodyfat, especially if we're not active and burning it. Some natural sugar in fruit and smoothies is ok, but be sure to moderate this as well. 2 pieces of fruit a day is ok.

  • 4. Be active!

    I recommend being active every day, with at least three days of exercise per week, and some light exercise on the days in between. Exercise should be high- intensity and short duration (30- 45 minutes). On the non- exercise days aim to do 30-45 minutes of light activity such as walking, dancing, swimming or simply doing the garden!

  • 5. Sleep 7-9 hours.

    Something i've noticed about my heavier clients, is that most lead very stressed lives, and sleep very little (on average five hours!). Unless you are lucky enough to be able to nap in the day, you need at least seven hours sleep.
    When we sleep, our bodies repair and our brains reset, much like a re-formatting of a computer hard-drive.
    If you don't sleep or relax enough, your body releases Cortisol, a stress hormone which accelerates fat loss.
    Use black out curtains, drink Valerian tea, drink less alcohol and go to bed before 10pm to aid good sleep. You should be able to rise naturally without the need of an alarm in the morning

These are amongst the many rules we try to follow on the Immunity programme. They sound simple, but sometimes hard to stick to when doing it on your own, which is why the group setting of the programme, with me overlooking your progress helps with motivation!

I now have limited spaces left, so don't hesitate and enrol today!

Christian Vila, Brighton Ketlebells.